Privacy Statement for ODA Dentists and Prospective ODA Dentists


Respecting the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Why does the ODA have a Corporate Privacy Policy?
The ODA values your privacy and is committed to protecting your Personal Information with safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Our privacy policy puts our current practices into writing, and applies to all ODA Dentists’ Personal Information, which the ODA possesses and uses to provide you with its many services. The ODA is committed to complying with all statutory obligations regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information as set out in the federal statute, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

What do we mean by Personal Information?
Personal Information means information about an identifiable individual, including information that identifies you or helps others identify you, such as your Social Insurance Number, date of birth, home address, ODA membership ID, membership status, and fee guide password. Personal Information does not include public information such as your job title, business address or telephone number that is found on the Internet or in publications like telephone or professional directories.

What types of Personal Information does the ODA collect?
The ODA collects a variety of information to be able to provide benefits and services to its ODA Dentists. In addition to the information collected at the time of renewal including contact information such as telephone numbers and email addresses, and depending on the category of membership, the ODA may collect some or all of the following information:

  • Political contacts
  • Retirement date
  • Date of birth
  • Information about income for membership in reduced fee categories and the administration of our Benevolence Program
  • Medical information voluntarily provided by you or a third party to support a request for assistance through our Benevolence Program or Extended Health Care (EHC) insurance
  • Volunteer and work history, and any other information you or a third party may voluntarily provide on your CV, Volunteer Information Form and/or Honours and Awards Nomination Form, such as educational experience, birthplace, references, awards history, family information
  • Names of family members covered by the Extended Health Care (EHC) insurance
  • A declared conflict of interest
  • Signature

For what purpose(s) does the ODA use the information it collects?
The ODA may use the Personal Information it collects for purposes such as:

  • To send out membership renewal information, process payments and issue receipts
  • To provide ODA Dentists with the “Ontario Dentist” (journal) and other information and communications
  • To offer and provide benefits, products, services and programs [e.g. CDSPI’s Retirement Savings Program (RSP), EHC Program]
  • To administer the Honours & Awards program
  • To conduct ODA surveys and research
  • To track calls for trends and follow-up
  • To generate aggregate demographic statistic reports of ODA Dentists and to create maps illustrating dental practice locations
  • To conduct ODA and Component Society business (e.g. committees, volunteer activities, nominations, elections, meetings, continuing education, research surveys, marketing, lobbying and networking)
  • To respond to your inquiries
  • To administer the ODA Mediation Program, with personal information such as a CV being received through a third party via the Honours and Awards Nomination Form
  • To provide mailings, broadcast faxing and email services required to conduct ODA business
  • To enter into strict contractual agreements with companies for the provision of products, services and programs such as
    • the companies and organizations that provide affinity / member discount programs and services
    • the company that offers the Office Verification Stamp
    • companies that support government relations activities
    • the ODA membership database service provider for the purposes of maintaining and testing the ODA membership database
    • companies that provide off-site registration for the Annual Spring Meeting
    • professional survey organizations and research companies retained by the ODA under a contractual agreement to conduct surveys such as the annual economic survey, and polls on attitudes and opinions
  • To communicate with and assist your staff/agents who contact the ODA on your behalf for the purpose of providing you with information about certain products or services that are available to ODA Dentists or are a benefit of ODA membership. However, we will not disclose to your staff/agents your personal or confidential information, nor will they be permitted to change your Personal Information on file at the ODA
  • To publish your office address, telephone information and specialty in the ODA’s “Find An ODA Dentist” online portal to be used as a reference ODA Dentists, patient referrals and the public

What information does the ODA collect on prospective ODA Dentists?
The information that the ODA maintains on dentists who are not ODA Dentists is limited to information that is available in the public domain, such as information available to the public from the RCDSO and any other information provided by the prospective ODA Dentist at the time of prior membership application or renewal.

When and to whom does the ODA disclose Personal Information?
The ODA does not sell any Personal Information to anyone for any purpose. The ODA does not disclose the Personal Information it collects to third parties for any purpose, other than the following exceptions:

  • The ODA provides the ODA Dentist’s practice contact information to members of the public requesting referrals, either over the telephone or through the ODA website’s “Find An ODA Dentist” portal, unless the ODA Dentist expressly requests otherwise
  • For those dentists expressly requesting to participate in the ODA’s listing of placements, locums, employment opportunities for associates and staff, and dental practice purchase and sale opportunities
  • Members of the public have access to the ODA website to determine whether a dentist is an ODA Dentist, for the purpose of determining eligibility for participation in programs such as the ODA Mediation Program
  • For program offers limited to ODA Dentists, the ODA will provide a list of current ODA Dentists that includes the membership ID and preferred address to the companies providing the offers, for confirmation of eligibility only
  • The ODA will publish in “Ontario Dentist” and other publications, information about the achievements and activities of ODA Dentist volunteers
  • The ODA provides the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) with data on Ontario dentists
  • We also provide demographic information to other dental organizations and regulatory bodies (e.g. RCDSO, CDSPI, Specialty Societies and the Toronto Academy of Dentistry) only for the purpose of conducting association business
  • The ODA may disclose your contact information to other ODA Dentists
  • We also provide your name, address, volunteer position and specialty to AccertaClaim Servicorp Inc. (Accerta, the ODA’s wholly owned subsidiary) to provide you with information about the development and progress of Accerta and for the marketing of Accerta
  • We provide information relevant to component society business to volunteer ODA Dentists working on behalf of the Component Society
  • To research consultants for the purpose of conducting ODA Dentist surveys
  • As part of their privileges, ODA Dentists may request and access the ODA membership list and/or labels in accordance with the ODA Policy on the Distribution of Membership Contact Information
  • Years of ODA membership is made “public” for the ODA’s and Component Society’s anniversary awards program
  • For those ODA Dentists in the EHC program, information is provided to our EHC provider, Great-West Life
  • To provide the Fee Guide Password to the dental office staff where the ODA Dentist practices
  • For the purpose of administering the Honours and Awards program information may be disclosed to the Honours and Awards Committee to determine eligibility for an award

ODA Staff have access to Personal Information to perform their duties on behalf of ODA Dentists. For instance, credit card information for payment of membership dues is only available to staff who process membership payments and Personal Information provided for Extended Health Care (EHC) purposes is only available to staff who manage the EHC program. Home address and telephone information is only used by the ODA to carry out ODA business, or if the ODA Dentist has requested that certain types of information or services be directed to their home address.

What if you object to the ODA’s collection, use or disclosure of Personal Information?
We want you to understand the purposes for which we collect, use and disclose Personal Information and to be sure that we have your consent to continue to collect, use and disclose your Personal Information for those purposes. A decision to renew your membership or to join the ODA constitutes consent to the collection, use and disclosure practices described in this statement. You may, subject to legal restrictions required by law, withdraw your consent to the further use or disclosure by ODA for some or all of the purposes identified. Contact the ODA to note any objections. Limitations to the use and disclosure of Personal Information may impact the services available to you.

How accurate is the Personal Information held by the ODA?
The ODA makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information we maintain is accurate and up to date. Your Personal Information is subject to change so please advise us of such changes so that we can continue to provide communications and services and generate the statistics that are important in responding to membership concerns.

How secure is your Personal Information?
The ODA makes every reasonable effort to protect your Personal Information. The ODA only collects information about changes to your demographic information directly from you or someone authorized by you.

How long does the ODA retain your Personal Information?
The ODA’s policy is to retain Personal Information only as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it is collected. Generally, information collected for accounting and financial purposes will be retained for a period of at least 7 years. Data collected regarding each ODA Dentist will be retained indefinitely, as it is the ODA’s policy to maintain a historical record of its ODA Dentists. Personal Information that is collected for the purpose of administering the ODA Mediation Program will be retained for a period of two (2) years following the conclusion of the mediation, unless there is a reason for retaining the information for a longer period of time.

How do you access the Personal Information held by ODA?
You may send a written request for access to the attention of the Chief Privacy Officer at 4 New Street, Toronto, Ontario M5R 1P6 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may challenge the accuracy and completeness of your Personal Information and the ODA will amend it where it is demonstrated that an amendment is required.

What if you have a question or concern about the ODA privacy practices?
You may address any questions or concerns relating to this privacy policy or ODA privacy practices to the Chief Privacy Officer, 4 New Street, Toronto, Ontario M5R 1P6 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (416) 922-3900 x2269.

Your email address
The email address you provide to the ODA is used to provide you with general information as well as confidential information such as your password for the ODA web site and to inform you about inquiries made by your staff to the ODA on your behalf, etc. ODA Dentists who share an email address with others accept the risk that confidential information will be accessed by those users.

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