Child Abuse and Neglect


Child abuse is a world-wide problem, prevalent in every segment of society. Child abuse and neglect crosses all social, cultural, religious and professional boundaries.

Reporting Suspected Cases: It's your duty
Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies rely on concerned citizens to report safety, health and well being concerns about children and youth to protect children from harm. They served more than 27,000 children last year who suffered some form of abuse or neglect.

Ontarians can learn more about child abuse and neglect, how to recognize it, and what happens when you call your local child welfare agency at

In addition, the Ontario Ministry of Youth and Child Services has published the brochure Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect: It's Your Duty.

Signals for Recognizing Child Abuse

Signals for recognizing abuse could include, but are not limited to:



Fractured teeth Extremely fearful or compliant, agitated, wary of adults, may cringe or flinch if touched
Missing teeth in unexpected areas Overly quiet, passive, withdrawn, vacant stare
Trauma in which the explanation does not fit the injury Aggressive or eager to please, extreme attention seeking
Jaw and facial fractures Unkempt or dirty appearance, too neat or clean, too well-mannered
Burns, scars inside the mouth Diminished self-esteem
Ears and nose damage Depression
Bruises or other injuries in various stages of health to the face, neck Unusual delay or avoidance of appointments