When it comes to taking care of your dental health, nobody knows more than your dentist.
In this section, you can learn about:

  • Each member of the dental team and what they do
  • Dental fees and how they’re set
  • Dental benefits and how they work
  • Government dental programs and eligibility
  • Health and safety measures in the dental office
  • How your personal data is protected
  • How to resolve problems about dental treatment

Prepare for Your Next Visit

From dental benefit plans to health and safety precautions, we’ve broken down what you can expect at your next appointment, and more.

Your Dental Team

When you visit your dentist’s office you’ll meet a team of dental professionals. Get to know the different members of the dental team.

Dental Benefits Explained

More than 30,000 different dental benefit plans in Ontario. It’s important to understand your dental plan and your responsibilities.

Dental Costs Explained

The best way to minimize your dental costs is to practice good oral hygiene.

Health and Safety at the Dental Office

Your safety is your dentist’s priority. There are guidelines that all dentists must follow to protect you.

Information Privacy at the Dentist’s

All the information on your medical history questionnaire is kept private. It is protected by doctor-patient confidentiality.

Government Dental Programs

There are several federal, provincial and municipal government programs that offer some form of dental coverage. Read more to learn what they cover and whether you qualify.

ODA Mediations Program

The ODA Patient-Dentist Mediation Program can be an effective and impartial means for resolving disputes between a patient and their dentist.

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