Key Takeaways

  • The ODA Patient-Dentist Mediation Program can be an effective and impartial means for resolving disputes between a patient and their dentist.
  • This voluntary program is only available to the patients of ODA-member dentists.
  • There is no charge to enter into the mediation process.

Sometimes, with even the best intentions on both sides, a problem arises with your dentist that the two of you aren’t able to solve on your own. That’s where the ODA can offer you some help.

Patients can use the ODA’s Patient-Dentist Mediation Program if they have a dispute with their dentist about their treatment. The program encourages dentists and patients to come to a mutual solution to their disagreement.

The voluntary process requires that the parties involved can’t be represented by legal counsel. They may, however, seek independent legal advice.

This free, voluntary program requires both the patient and the dentist to participate. It relies on good faith between dental mediators, dentists, and patients. It’s important to note that the ODA does not investigate or discipline dentists. Download our brochures for more information.

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