Key Takeaways

  • Additional lab fees are added to your dental bill, if applicable.
  • Your claim reimbursement will depend on your dental plan’s coverage.
  • You can request a lab fee estimate from your dentist.

When Lab Charges Apply 

There are many dental services that need “commercial laboratory procedures”. This includes crowns, bridges, dentures, orthodontic appliances and repairs. The fees charged for commercial laboratory services are extra costs (in addition to the dentist’s fee) which are passed on to the dentist by the lab. Commercial laboratories provide these services, not your dentist. The laboratory charges passed on to you by the dentist will be the exact amount that the laboratory has charged your dentist to provide the service.

Lab Fees and Claims

When completing your claim form, your dentist will list their fees as professional fees. The laboratory charges will be the fee charged by the commercial laboratory. Laboratory charges must be completed with other services. The amount payable is determined by your dental plan. 

Lab Fee Estimates

You can request an estimate from your dentist for both professional services and laboratory charges. You should then submit this estimate to your dental plan administrator for a predetermination of benefits. This predetermination will help you understand what your costs will be and explain how your benefits are calculated.

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