Key Takeaways

There are programs run by municipal (local), provincial and federal governments to help eligible people in need access dental care. Here are some things you should know:

  • The Ontario Dental Association does not manage any of the programs listed below. Visit each program’s website for details.
  • All the programs listed below have strict eligibility requirements, and most require you to complete an application before seeking treatment.
  • If you are eligible for one of the programs listed below it’s important to understand what the program covers. Many will only cover basic dental care.
  • Earlier this year, the federal government announced its plans to create a national dental program, the Canadian Dental Care Plan. The first phase was launched last year with the Canada Dental Benefit.

There are several federal, provincial and municipal government programs that offer some form of dental coverage. Read more to learn what they cover and whether you qualify.

Federal Programs

Provincial Programs

Municipal Programs  

Public Health Units

A Public Health Unit (PHU) is an official health agency established by a group of urban and rural municipalities to provide a more efficient community health program, carried out by full-time, specially qualified staff.

There are 36 PHUs in Ontario. Many have in-house dental clinics offering many free dental services for children and youth. Some PHUs also offer services for adults and seniors, but not all.

Learn more: Contact your closest Public Health Unit to ask about dental help in your area.

Preventive Dental Care

Learn more about the different ways to care for your mouth and prevent dental disease.

Care and Disease Prevention