If you’ve been in a dental office waiting room anywhere in Ontario, you’ve probably seen or read YourOralHealth.ca! This magazine is written just for patients to keep them up to date on interesting dental health information ahead of their appointment.

YourOralHealth.ca is no longer being produced. Please enjoy these issues.

Latest Issue

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Fall 2019/Winter 2020

In this issue: Oral health-care habits of young adults; holiday survival; cannabis; Canada’s new food guide and your oral health; diabetes and dental health connection; feeding your baby; X-ray safety; and electric toothbrushes.


Spring/Summer 2019
Dry mouth and sensitive teeth; best foods for baby; teeth-whitening; vaping and teens; root canals; and mouthguards.

Winter 2019
Baby’s first visit to the dentist; step-by-step guide to oral health care; toothpaste 101; cannabis and dental procedures; apple cider vinegar and oral health; gluten-free lifestyles; temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD); toothbrushing apps; and bizarre trends.

Summer/Fall 2018
Dental anxiety; nutrition; smoking cessation; dental technology; children’s oral health; and sugar substitutes.

Winter 2018
Vitamins, minerals and nutrients; the dental chair through the ages; immune system disorders; ask your dentist; dorm dental dangers; oral maxillofacial rehabilitation program; sensitive teeth; and a look back at Murphy the Molar.

Summer/Fall 2017
Our ODA 150th Anniversary issue! Teeth whitening; a history of toothpaste; healthy drink imposters; Canada’s first female dentist; important inventions in dentistry; Sjörgen’s syndrome and oral health; and healthy mouths.

Fall/Winter 2016-17
Flossing and interdental cleaners; cancer and oral health care; foods for white smiles; early dental health habits; and a history of dentistry.

Spring/Summer 2016
Fluoride facts; sealants and varnishes; great gums; profile of a public health dentist; juicing and lemon water; making time for good oral health; health-food imposters; quitting smoking; and oral cancer 101.

Fall/Winter 2015-16
The dangers of added sugar; dental emergencies; profile of a pediatric dentist; ways to a fabulous smile; vaping; dry mouth; cracked teeth; common dental procedures; and tobacco use.

Spring/Summer 2015
Stressed; diabetes and dental care; calcium; oral care in long-term care; home dental care; children’s oral health; and a profile of an endodontist.

Fall/Winter 2014-15
Fear of the dentist; teeth whitening; finding a dentist; cancer and oral health; bruxism (teeth grinding); profile of an orthodontist; and sports drinks and energy bars.

Spring/Summer 2014
Seniors’ oral health; the dental exam; oral health facts; vacation dental care; replacing missing teeth; X-rays; profile of a periodontist; and foods your dentist approves.

Fall/Winter 2013/14
Oral piercings; bad breath; yellow teeth; burning mouth syndrome; orthodontics; and fresh foods.

Spring/Summer 2013
Dry mouth; tooth sensitivity; kids’ oral health care; sugar; sleep apnea; and medications.

Winter 2013
Pregnancy and oral health, part two; teen smoking; fruit juices; mouthguards; healthy school lunches; and your children’s teeth.

Spring 2012
Pregnancy and oral health; quitting smoking; smart snacks; toothbrushes 101; teeth whitening; braces; and kid’s puzzles and quizzes.

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