Key Takeaways

  • Ontario’s dentists recognize the privilege granted to us to practice dentistry. We’re committed to upholding our professional, moral and ethical responsibilities to our patients. We do not take this trust for granted.
  • The ODA supports the development and implementation of the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • Dentists in Ontario continue to work with their patients to ensure they receive the care they need, when they need it. We are dedicated to high-quality care and the best interests of our patients

Code of Conduct of the Ontario Dental Association

We, having taken out membership in and thus being affiliated with the Ontario Dental Association, recognizing the privilege granted to us to practice dentistry, and assuming our professional, moral and ethical responsibilities, pledge that we shall adhere to and uphold this Code of Conduct.

We shall:

  1. Recognize and respect the worth and dignity of all persons who entrust themselves to our care;

  2. Recognize and respect the integrity and ability of our peers in the profession, unless unwarranted;

  3. When necessary, and without prejudice, provide understanding guidance to our fellow dentists to ensure that public trust and confidence in the profession will grow and endure;

  4. Render, or arrange to have rendered, dental care of the highest calibre, consistent with our individual abilities, our patient’s physical and other needs and their socio-economic requirements;

  5. Hold in strictest confidence all personal information revealed to us;

  6. Determine our fees fairly and carefully, considering the time, responsibility, and skills required for the services rendered;

  7. Continue our professional education and development throughout our careers and support and encourage our colleagues accordingly;

  8. Encourage and promote the dental and oral health of the people of Ontario, and the prevention of dental and oral disease;

  9. Using good common-sense, treat others as we ourselves would wish to be treated;

  10. Recognize that patients have the right to attend the dentist of their choice and that no dentist should participate in any plan which in any way limits that choice.

Have a complaint?

Sometimes, with even the best intentions on both sides, a problem arises with your dentist or the treatment performed. That’s where the ODA can offer you some assistance.

Learn about the ODA Mediations Program